Abby Lily Allemdinger was born on November 28, 1983 in Los Gatos, California at 7lbs 10oz a week earlier than her scheduled due date, which was supposed to be on December 5, 1983. She has one brother, which is NASCAR Sprint Cup driver A.J. Allmendinger.

She was considered one of the 'popular' people in her elementary school to most of the kids there, but to Abby, she consiered herself to be a normal kid. She was chosen to be the valedictorian for her eighth grade graduation.

During her highschool years, all that Abby did for extra-curricular activities was do cheerleading, soccer, lacrosse, and she also managed to keep a 97% average in her academics. She graduated high-school with a full scholarship to go to any university or college that she wanted to go to, and she ended up going to the University of California where she got her degree in Business.

Abby Lily Allmendinger


November 28, 1983 (28)


Los Gatos, California


Miami, Florida


A.J Allmendinger (brother)

Because of her degree in Business, she ended up landing a job as her brother's manager/agent.

Abby is now residing in Miami, Florida

Twitter AccountEdit

Abby's Twitter account is @CaliforniaGurl43. She mainly uses her Twitter to talk to her friends, fans of her brother and posts photos of her and her surroundings.