Keira Lena Logano was born on May 25, 1990 in Middletown, Connecticut weighing at 6lbs, 8oz. She is the younger sister to NASCAR Sprint Cup driver Joey Logano

Keira was a happy go lucky person, always bringing people up when they were feeling down on their luck, until she was diagnosed with depression when she was thirteen years old.

She did get over her depression when she was sixteen years old as she laced up her skates that she got for her birthday, and just skated at her

Keira Lena Logano


May 25, 1990 (21)


Middletown, Connecticut

family's ice rink, and decided to continue skating as she just skated for fun, or did sports on the ice like ice hockey.

She graduated high school with a 87% grade average and ended up getting a scholarship for any University of her choice, but only for two years. Instead of using it for herself to pursue a degree in photography, but ended up giving it to someone who she thought really deserved the scholarship more than her.

Keira now spends her days on the road in NASCAR hanging out with her friends and her brother whenever possible.

Keira's Twitter account is @LittleConnecticut, where she uses it to talk to her friends, as well as fans of NASCAR and fans of her brother.