Megan Edwards

Megan Julia Edwards was born on February 24, 2010 in Columbia, Missouri. She is the daughter of Kate Downry and NASCAR Sprint Cup Driver Carl Edwards. She is the niece of NASCAR drivers Skye Edwards and Parker Kligerman. She is the twin sister of Anne Edwards and the older sister of Michael and Hayley Edwards. She is the adopted cousin of Alexi Kligerman.

Megan was considered the 'nerd' when she was growing up, both in

Megan Julia Edwards


February 24, 2010 (age 21)


Columbia, Missouri


Kate Downry (mother) Carl Edwards (father)


Anee Edwards (sister) Michael Edwards (brother) Hayley Edwards (sister)

Family Membeers

Skye Edwards (aunt) Parker Kligerman (uncle) Alexi Kligerman (cousin)

academics and in racing. She was averaging a 97% average in her academics and was averaging a 2.5 finish in any type of race that she was placed in. She graduated highschool as a valedictorian in her graduating class, and was noted greatly for saying this quote, 'Ever heard of the saying 'turning skeptics into believers?' Well, the first thing that people think of when they hear that is from those Gilette razor commercials. But not me. What I think of when I hear that is me turning skeptics of me having a career in racing into believing that I could be successful'.

When she entered the Nationwide Series just five months later, she won the first race that she was placed in at Daytona (with the bump-drafting help from Jennifer). She went to win about five more races that season and came fith in the championship standings. She has decided to stay in the Nationwide Series to help develop her stock car racing skills even more than she already has).

Megan's Twitter Account is @MeganEdwards99. She mainly uses it to talk to her friends and fans of NASCAR.