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Serena Elizabeth Hamlin was born on April 11, 1986 in Chesterfield, Virginia weighing at 6lbs 4oz. She is the younger sister to NASCAR Sprint Cup driver Denny Hamlin. She is also the soon-to-be wife of NASCAR Sprint Cup driver Brad Keselowski

Growing up, Serena was the type of girl that would put other people's needs ahead of herself in terms of helping other people rather than helping herself in anything, especially when it came to helping Denny with the financial costs of his early racing career, where she was sixteen, ontop of being a cashier at the corner store, she ended up getting two more part-time jobs of babysitting for the neighborhood kids and mowing lawns in her neighborhood, she ended up saving all of the money that she'd earned and giving it to Denny just to

Serena Elizabeth Hamlin


April 11, 1986 (25)


Chesterfield, Virginia

Resides (as of after December, 2011)

Rochester Hills, Michigan

help him along with the finances for his racing.

Also growing up, Serena was dating Dean Hazey on and off for ten years, until in 2008, Dean told Serena that their relationship is over for good as he honestly admitted that he was cheated on her with a future adult film star.

Two weeks after that, that was when it was decided that Serena should be with Denny on the road just until she felt better after her breakup and go back to Chesterfield, but, at the track that she was at (Charlotte Motor Speedway), that was where she met her future soon-to-be husband Brad, so she decided to stay on the road with Denny.

On April 26, 2009, it was confirmed that her and Brad were going out as a couple after he asked her out when he was celebrating in Victory Lane after he race win at the Aaron's 499 race at Talladega Superspeedway, and they were dating for a little more than two years.

As of April 30, 2011 a couple of days after her two year anniversary, Brad proposed to her, she had accepted the proposal and they're now engaged, and planning to have a December 2011 wedding day.

Serena's Twitter account is @stickwitu. She uses her Twitter account to talk to her friends, fans of NASCAR, fans of her brother, Brad (whenever they are not with each other), and posts photos of herself, her friends and Brad (when they are together).